Kornel Fenyvesi

Graphic Designer

About me

About me

“The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer.”
Fridtjof Wedel-Jarlsberg Nansen

Kornel Fenyvesi

Graphic designer From HUNGARY

I have over 20 years of professional experience in the field of graphic design. Most of my work is recognised in various fields of the profession, such as image design, packaging technology, design and implementation of events, print preparation of graphic works and website design. Experience in video editing, animation and 3D design.
My work is characterised by modernity, speed and accuracy.



Tino Marine Ltd.


Designer (New Zealand)

Tino Marine is a premium boat manufacturer and design studio based in New Zealand. Headed by Marine Designer Nicholas Fenton, Tino Marine pride themselves on developing watercraft to fit perfectly within any setting, be that in addition to a superyacht, a waterway cruiser or a sports boat.
  • Brand Identity
  • Print / Publication design and Print Management
  • Web and EDM
  • Care-taking of corporate design and printing of publications
  • Design of Styling and printing for events

Advertisz-Reklam Ltd.


Designer / Team Leader / Creative Director (Hungary)

Advertisz-Reklám Kft. Has been in the Hungarian advertising market for over 20 years. Their client base extends to it’s original partnerships, as well as newer international brands. I have had the privilege to assist in guiding these companies brand communications to a value perspective. This has covered virtually every spectrum from:
  • TV, Web and EDM
  • Conceptual Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Publication Design
  • Print Management
  • Packaging Design
  • Events

TSO Media Ltd.


Designer / Team Leader (Hungary)

Initially I began as a graphic designer with this progressive company. In time my designwork became so successful, that the company could expand to 2 more cities, so they made me the overall art director, this meant I lead several graphic designers, and governed 3 different newspaper designs (Egeszseginfo , Betastart, Auto-motor info).
This included:
  • Overall design of publication advertising collateral
  • In-magazine inserts
  • Billboard and ambient media incl. EDM press releases
  • Design for magazine’s identies to target audience
  • Design of auto information to magazine readership, managing print production
  • Art direction

Dekorcenter Ltd.


Designer / Graphic Coordinator (Hungary)

With more than 200 partners, associated a full range of graphic work from designing to designing marketing materials, and in cooperation with many exterior designers, decorators and other craftsmen, we specialised in decorating special and large events. Under my management, we were charged with the full design service of one of our country’s most successful conference & event planner businesses.
  • Designing decorative and printing elements for corporate events, in some cases coordinating 30 decorators and other craftsmen
  • Promotional products branding and identity design, preparation for manufacture
  • Design of unique display stands and display systems
  • Print/Publication design
  • Packaging design

Reklám Ltd.


Designer (Hungary)

With this company my professional development grew with great impetus, working with seasoned professionals, all in different arenas in the industry. My skill set varied in a range from graphics in design, yet also in decor. My compass in either went in all directions plus accumulated knowledge, advancing me in both disciplines combined.
  • Dunaferr Zrt., Caretaking of corporate design and printing of publications
  • Designing, Styling for art and technical plates
  • Brand Identity
  • Design and printing of publications
  • Design of Styling and printing elements for events

my skills


“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”
Albert Einstein

Apart from an extensive knowledge, or adeptness in most current software tools, a brief, involves teamwork (including the client), so together with intuition the concept can be on target, and delivered with upmost efficiency virtually every time. It’s not just the creative but the whole working together that gets this done. This is how I enjoy working.

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